Below are my design collaborations with Kenneth Whalum, Tolan Shaw, The Willie Green Project, and Trip Carter.


Broken Land, Kenneth Whalum

In 2017 I collaborated with the incredibly talented Kenneth Whalum. A world-class saxophonist and musical arranger for the stars (JAY-Z, Frank Ocean, D'Angelo, Maroon 5... just to name a few), Whalum made his debut as a solo artist in his own right, and I was honored to contribute visuals for his genre-bending album, Broken LandI was the creative director, photographer, and graphic designer for the album art and promotional marketing for the 2017 Broken Land Tour

Broken Land is available now on Spotify and Apple Music.

My photos of Whalum can be seen at USA TodaySaint HeronHigh SnobietyDJBoothNewsOneNowWhat Youth, and on Whalum's Instagram. Video content by @brandonmcarter.

Client: Kenneth Whalum @kennethwhalum

Skills: Album Design, Layout, Photography, Retouching, Logo, Branding, Print, Web, Trademarks


Pharoah's Dream, Willie Green Project

In 2019 I had the pleasure of collaborating with the New Orleans-based jazz drummers, Willie Green. I created custom art for his upcoming EP entitled Pharoah's Dream. Willie and I both were inspired by the musicianship, nature, and spirituality in the music of Pharoah Sanders and John Coltrane. As we discussed his own personal message and journey in his music we both agreed that we the album art should be representative of that same spirituality with natural and dream-like elements. I was looking at a lot of meditative art, Eastern and African art, at the time and ultimately the visual metaphor of a journey on water seemed more than appropriate to us both. After I proposed this idea for Willie he was excited by it and so I went ahead painting and designing the art.

Client: Willie Green Project

Skills: Oil Painting, Illustration, Design, Music


Shades, Tolan Shaw

Yet to be fully released, Shades is the 2018 three-part album by Southern California crooner, Tolan Shaw. I designed the artwork for his three-part album entitled Shades. I had a lot of fun playing with color, texture, and contrast while exploring the different emotional undercurrents of each development in the musical triptych (Shade 1, Shade 2, and Shade 3). The layering of the different color installments ultimately coalesces to create the main image for the album.

Shade 1 is now available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Shade and Shade 3  to be released in 2018.

Client: Tolan Shaw @tolanshaw

Skills: Illustration, Design, Layout, Marketing, Print, Web


Grown Problems, Trip Carter

I was honored to take photos for Trip Carter's debut EP, Grown Problems. Since dropping Grown Problems, Trip toured with Felly and Gyyps and Sabrina Claudio since 2017. The EP's art was edited and created by @realsatta.

Grown Problems is available on Soundcloud.

Client: Trip Carter @realtripcarter

Skills: Creative Direction, Digital Photography

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