As an outdoor enthusiast and environmentalist, I am honored to have been the creative lead on four University of Southern California initiatives that cultivate awareness of and encourage positive engagement with our natural environment.

The Teaching Garden

In 2016 I created the logo and visual marketing for the USC Teaching Garden, a self-sustaining garden of vegetables, fruit, and herbs for USC dining venues. The garden’s farming techniques exhibit the university's commitment to the environment and to the health of dining guests by growing its own food locally without the use of any harmful chemicals.

It was a fun challenge to create visuals for such an innovative yet simple culinary concept. I emphasized modern typefaces, bold campus colors, and a fluid illustration for the brand logo. Flat infographics were created to help visitors locate the garden as well as bright and colorful photography, all helping to further the uplifting vision of the initiative.

Client: USC Hospitality // the Radisson at USC

Skills: Branding, Logos, Photography, Print, Installation Design

To learn more about the Teaching Garden feel free to click on the images below.

USC Sustainability Booklet

In 2017 I collaborated with USC Sustainability to create an informational booklet highlighting tips for students and the USC community as a whole to think green daily and be better allies of the environment.

Client: USC Sustainability, USC Housing

Skills: Print, Layout, Spread Design, Logos, Branding, Creative Direction, Photography, Retouching, Infographics

To view the entire Sustainable Living Guide feel free to click on the cover image below. 

Earth Week Collateral

In April 2017 I created playful social media collateral promoting USC Housing events on campus and in the greater LA area. Graphics were targeted to the student audience and devoted to increasing awareness and appreciation of our natural environment. 

Client: USC Sustainability, USC Housing

Skills: Print, Layout, Spread Design, Creative Direction, Photography, Retouching, Infographics

The entire Sustainable Living Guide can be viewed here.

Sustainability 2030 Plan

The Sustainability Steering Committee, consisting of USC faculty, staff, and students from across the university, created the Sustainability 2030 Plan in hopes of providing achievable goals with practical objectives to move the university in a more sustainable direction. I created marketing materials promoting the 2030 plan speaker series.

Client: USC Sustainability, USC Housing

Skills: Logo Branding, Marketing, Layout

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