Hi! I'm Erin.

I'm a graphic designer, visual artist, and photographer specializing in visual communication and storytelling. My fundamental belief is that thoughtful design has the ability to inform, inspire, and unite. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the freedom to work on creative freelance projects with exciting clients primarily in the art, entertainment, and nonprofit sectors. Each collaboration brings a unique set of problem-solving opportunities, pushing me to be a more creative thinker and ultimately giving my artistry a purpose bigger than myself.

Start to finish, I love the entire creative process. I use both digital and handmade artistic skillsets to develop fresh ideas and innovative results for clients. The synergy of design and photography is what initially drew me to the graphic design field. The shared joy of creating while fostering a dialogue of ideas, and a creative trust with clients, is what has kept me happy in the field.

Instagram: @erinnogle

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/erinnogle/

email: erin@erinnogle.com

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